Of Legends

by Heathercrest

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"Of Legends"

1.The Calling

Chris King - Vox
Jordan McDade - Vox
Trevor Bailey - Guitar/ Backup Vox
Kieran Howard - Guitar
Braydon Baker - Drums

Music composed by Trevor Bailey, Chris King, Kieran Howard
Recorded and Produced by Tommy Evans at Droids Recording Studio

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See "Serenade" on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY34x36mcnk


released August 28, 2013

CHRIS KING- "Being in Heathercrest is more than just a band, these guys are my family now. I joined late January, and have been loving every moment of it. The people I would like to thank most is my English teacher Mrs. Temple for driving me to pursue what I want in life. Also id like to thank Aubrey king for being the greatest sister in the world. Lastly, Id like to dedicate this EP to my beloved grandpa, rest in peace. I know wherever you are now, you're watching and you're proud. I look forward to what we do next as Heathercrest!"

JORDAN MCDADE- "I would like to give thanks to my band mates for all the love and hard work they have put into this EP. I want to thank my parents for supporting me and everything else they have given me. I would like to thank Tommy Evans for producing our EP and for being a great friend, and thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us become who we are today."

TREVOR BAILEY- "I would like to thank my mom and my dad Sharon and John Bailey, without there love and support I wouldn't be anywhere to close to who I am today. I would also like to thank my brother Ethan Bailey for always being harsh about my taste in music when I was younger. :) I would like to thank Aaron Allen for giving me lessons for two years, the knowledge you gave me has made me the guitarist I am today and I am forever thankful. Giant thank you to Tommy Evans for being the coolest guy and making this EP bigger than it would have ever been. Big Thanks to everyone who has been to any of our shows, it means the world to me to see your faces on stage. you guys fuel my dreams! Thank you so much to everyone who have purchased our EP and gave our music a chance. As I said before, this is my dream and it just blows my mind to see your support. Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU! <3

KIERAN HOWARD- "Playing guitar in a band as a career has been my greatest dream since I picked up my first off-brand Stratocaster in '08. So when the opportunity arose in 2011 to join the local Springs band Telling False Time I accepted with no further hesitation. Through everything that's led to TFT's end and Heathercrest's beginning has made our bond stronger, it sounds cliché but we are as tight as a family. We get mad at each other; we have great times and we may even fight, but in the end we keep our heads together and accomplish goals as a unit. With that being said, I'd like to thank the members of Heathercrest & Telling False Time (past and present be it) first and foremost because without their work we wouldn't have room to evolve or progress. Next I'd like to thank my family and close friends; who are always supporting my ideas or ventures in life, no matter how much they may want to disagree they know I am resilient and are willing to lend a hand in undoing my mistakes. With their encouragement I never find reason to doubt myself or my abilities, which I closely contribute to my musical aptness. The future sure is a bewildering yet a terrifying thought when I think of the what-if's but at this rate all I really have time to think deeply about is new song ideas or getting down 'that part'. This lifestyle has left nothing but a growing sensation of positive energy in me, which I am excited to transpose into bigger, better and more meaningful songs down the road."

SANTIAGO CASTRO- "I been with the band from the beginning (SATURDAY RIVIVAL). I thank these guys for giving me the most awesome experiences, I thank my parents for supporting my dreams, and I all the other people around who gave me motivation and determination on who I want to become!"

BRAYDON BAKER- "Joining the band in late, I am really grateful to be apart of Heathercrest. I was starting to give up on drums but when Trevor and Cory hit me up to try out, I knew we were gonna bring real music back to the Springs. I want to say thank you to all my supporters of both me and Heathercrest. First, my girlfriend. She's been there bother before and during. Given me a place to stay and motivation. I love her with all my heart. Next is my Dad. My number fan. He's been there behind my dream since I was 12. And Finally, God. Without my faith and my own beliefs I wouldn't have the courage to do what I do. And for that, I say thanks.



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Heathercrest Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Track Name: The Calling
The Time is now
Follow me to learn about your fate
this day was set in stone by the gods
for you to rise up and fight darkness and strength

If you come with me I will give you an eternal glory
you were destined to save everything from annihilation

With these words that I share with you, will bring a certain wave of responsibility
There's no turning back at this point
Follow me to be proven the truth

Follow me into the fucking darkness
I know what I have to do
Out of the darkness comes your deepest darkest fear

If you come with me, I will give you eternal glory
you were destined to save everything from annihilation
Don't forget your steps, or you will lose this important lesson
of escaping death, and finishing this life changing mission.
Track Name: Bolero
I have been chosen to rise up from the ashes
I have been chosen to take your soul

The sky is raining Hell
but it's clear that not even hell can bury me now
This journey will not end without your head at the end of my sword

But when it's too dark to see home, play this song and ill be there when your alone

We can make it though the obstacles that they throw at you

As the world falls like ashes around you
just remember ill be there waiting on the other side
you can make it through the obstacles that they throw at you
you can rise up and free this world from the darkness that consumes

send your demons after me
and I'll remain standing fucking bathing in their blood
but none of there blood could ever erase what you've done
you're a coward, hiding behind your curtain of bodies
I will make you regret ever fucking with the family,

behind me stands a million souls
all here to aid me with my disposal of a fallen king
what goes around comes around, and if you haven't learned yet bitch
you have burned your bridges

When will our brothers learn that eternal happiness must first be earned
through co-existing with our surroundings
and not elimination
when will our brothers learn that eternal happiness must first be earned
there will always be a greater demand for war
but not enough for peace.
Track Name: Serenade
Leave me in the tides

Turn after turn, i've been here before
fighting the battles that were always ignored

It's the anchor to my time
pulling me down, swallowing my mind
one wrong turn and we'll die
come with me, we'll find the light

How do we know when we've gone too far
Because i'm losing my sense of direction
Of distractions, we're not held back
(we're not held back from these distractions)

Drown me in the lies
Throw me to high tides

How do we know when we've gone too far
Because i'm losing my sense of direction
Of distractions, we're not held back
(we're not held back from these distractions)

I am revived, brought back to bring forth sincerity
I may not have wanted this, but I swear to you I will finish it
Bring forth your waves of countless individuals
It'll take the earth to finally bring me to my knees
I will sacrifice everything and give you nothing
I swear to you I will finish this
Track Name: Nocturne
Every hour that passes slowly kills us
and every day only makes you stronger
what makes you exist and not me?

Surviving with the answers that we created to cope with the world
born from sleep we await for eternal slumber
I will not live forever, but at least I know what I will do with the time given to me,

given to me

Your were designed by the world around you
the very masses we orbit with are the creators of feelings
your individuality
Your were designed by the world around you
the very masses we orbit with are the creators

When putting all the fucking puzzle pieces together
remember this
the answers are beyond our understanding
(our understanding)

When soaring away, we begin to comprehend
that this blood has been spilled for no reason
except the fact that we're driven by our greed and anger

the world keeps turning, so lift you head up
and breathe in life
breathe in life

If you slaughter the life surrounding you
they'll only be waiting for you in the end
Im the man that they sent for you
Im the man that will bring you down

Where is the lines that separates this and the afterlife
What is this that bounds us to this reality